Dog Visiting takes place at the home of the owner. Experience demonstrates that dogs feel the most comfortable & relaxed if they are in their own home and in their own territory.

Dog Visiting involves spending time with an owner's dog in the owner's home. This is a bespoke service tailored to meet the individual needs of the dog and its owner.

The dog will receive one-to-one love & attention. Lovingly talking, playing and stroking dogs is what we love doing. What is actually provided will depend on individual circumstances.


If the dog is being visited because its owner is at work and the dog is young and fit then playing games and having fun will be the priority, to ensure the dog is engaged and not bored.
If the dog is recovering from an illness or getting on in years then tender loving care is the order of the day and games and interaction will be tailored to their needs.
We will always take the utmost care in an owner’s home, treating it as if it were their own. On a basic level we will also provide fresh water, clean feed and water bowls and ensure a dog is clean, dry and comfortable before we leave and send a client a text confirming everything is OK for the client's sake of mind. We will also ensure that the dog has a toilet break and clear up any accidents that may have occurred. A short walk may also be appropriate, depending on the length of time agreed for the visit. We can also provide other services as part of the visit such as feeding your dog, security checks for your house, mail and milk bottle collection, turning on/off lights & drawing/opening curtains, indoor plant watering, buy and leave basic groceries and rubbish removal, depending on your requirements. A Dog's Life also provides visiting services for other pets. We currently look after a number of clients who own cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and even stick insects!