The Dog Walking service involves us picking up a dog from the owner's home and transporting the dog in the "A Dog’s Life" designated vehicle to a specific local woodland, farmland, marina or country park. At the location, we will provide a robust and enjoyable walk for the dog and then clean/dry the dog before safely returning the dog to its owner's home. In the "A Dog's Life" designated vehicle, dogs are housed in individual cages to ensure each dog's safety and comfort, and there is full ventilation. There is bed lining in each cage and a wide, solid, non-slip ramp to enable large, elderly or infirm dogs easy, comfortable access as well as a clean, covered drying area with a mobile shower and cleaning materials to ensure dogs are returned in good condition.

Dogs will be walked typically on the basis of two per handler, which is a lower handler/dog ratio than most dog walking companies provide. Dogs can also be walked individually. The breed, age, energy levels and temperament of a dog are all important factors in deciding the right walks and social group.
The walk will be on a lead unless otherwise specifically agreed with the owner.
All dogs need to be up-to-date with appropriate vaccinations (a valid certificate will need to be viewed), and dogs will not be walked in groups or off lead if they are un-castrated dogs under the age of 9 months or bitches in season. All dogs also need to be on a recommended flea control & worming programme for the safety and comfort of all dogs.

For the vast majority of time two handlers will walk dogs together. This goes to the essence of our desire to focus on the welfare and development of the dogs we care for. By both walking together this will usually provide coverage of a maximum of two dogs per handler. This significantly increases opportunities for effective interaction and play between the dogs and the handlers, given the low handler to dog ratio, and also provides valuable additional security as two handlers are walking together.
We have policies and procedures to adhere to when walking dogs in groups to ensure that the group dynamics work between the dogs that are walked together.