In addition to our two principle services of Dog Walking and Dog Visiting, we also provide a range of other bespoke services.

Our desire is to form long term relationships with our dog owners and, of course, the dogs themselves.
For these relationships we can look to tailor specific bespoke services to cater for individual needs. These services are being added to all the time, depending on requirements. This means we are responsive to our clients needs and it maybe we only provide a certain service to one client because of their particular needs. This is fine. Our size and focus on personal needs means we can be totally flexible.
Bespoke services for regular clients can include:-

Administering Medicine

We are experienced and fully insured in administering medicine and have a particular expertise with diabetic dogs having had a diabetic dog ourselves for 12.5 years. This involved administering insulin injections twice daily after taking urine samples and testing them, together with a detailed regime that balanced nutrition, exercise and medicine.

Emergency Cover

This involves us providing assistance in unforeseen situations, such as car breakdown, trains cancelled or broken down, unexpectedly having to work late. In these circumstances we can be called upon to visit your dog and do whatever is necessary until your safe return home.

Kennel Retrieval

This is a pre-agreed service with a kennel provider. We would arrange to pick up your dog from the kennels on the day that you are arriving back from holiday and ensure that your dog is back at home, settled, watered and fed and awaiting your safe return home.

Pet Taxi

This involves the transportation of your dog to vets, groomers etc using our designated van, housed in individual cages to ensure your dog's safety and comfort, with full ventilation. There is bed lining in each cage and a wide, solid, non-slip ramp to enable large, elderly or infirm dogs easy, comfortable access as well as a clean, covered drying area with water and cleaning materials.

Puppy Care

This would be similar to the Dog Visiting service but specifically tailored to the unique requirements of puppies. Having had terrier puppies we know from experience how they can be into everything! This service would of course involve a number of visits a day for feeding, play, and to help reinforce their toilet training schedule, as puppies cannot be left long on their own.

Feed Delivery Service

We can arrange to pick your feed for you, and indeed other items, as required.

Funeral Services

Having been through the death of a beloved dog, we know how hard these times can be. We have access to a good friend who is a Church Leader and an animal lover himself, and who would be willing to conduct a funeral service tailored to your needs.